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Ethan Frei - n. (EE-then fri): Software Engineer

Current Living Situation

Right now I'm residing in Central Wisconsin while working at a genetics company as a Senior Software Engineer. I'm primarily focused on .NET Core service and react app development. I live with my wife, children, and dogs.

Educational/Technological Interests

Thanks to my major and the program at UWEC, my technological interests and abilities span quite a wide area. I've done a lot of work with Java for system applications which has been very enjoyable. Later in college I explored the wide world of C and C++ especially in the area of multi-processor programming using forks, MPI, openMP, and even some graphics processing using NVidia's CUDA language. I've worked with a good amount of scripting with vbscript, powershell, javascript, python and UNIX scripting. I've also modeled databases and learned some query language. Prior to the birth of this website in the Fall of 2010, I bought a PHP and mySQL book for learning some web-dev to augment my systems knowledge.

And today, this website is built using PHP and mySQL, coded using vim in a shell powered by WordPress hosted on an Amazon EC2 server powered by ghost, and it is easily maintainable is a static site generated by cobalt. For hobbies, I enjoy microcontroller programming and everything that goes with it, especially including robotics. For chips, I've mainly been using the Atmel ATmega and ATtiny lines. I've built a couple of boards and robots, the majority of these have been described in some detail on my technical blog . Some other areas I've been exposed to include, C# (for my day job), several IDEs (yes, I don't always just code in a terminal), xml/xslt/xsd, video editing using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, Scheme, Prolog and much more.

Other Hobbies?

Anyone who knows me knows I love the outdoors and everything that goes with it. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, off-roading and everything else. I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin where the outdoors was life. The outdoors is where we would go to do most anything. My family owns several beagles that we enter into ARHA (American Rabbit Hunters Association) contests throughout the midwest. This has become a huge passion of mine: not only the hunting aspects, but training and getting to know your dog.

As of late 2015, I got into woodworking as a hobby in a big way. My wife and I bought a house and it included heated/insulated space in a detached garage for a workshop. I purchased a table saw and have slowly been building the shop around it.

Another big hobby and part of my life is music. I'm a country fan through and through but do enjoy several other kinds of music. I play a variety of instruments (not a master at any, unfortunately) including guitar, harmonica, piano, saxophone, and recorder. Don't harass the recorder skills either; it's serious.

Finally I just like to be around people. I tend to get along with everyone pretty well; either that or my friends are just really good actors. I enjoy playing sports outdoors when the weather's nice, especially softball and sand volleyball. Now I'm going to close this section off because it's starting to sound like a dating website.