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Ethan Frei - n. (EE-then fri): Software Engineer

I live in Wisconsin with my family and our dog. I build .NET core and React applications for a genetics company.

Technical Interests

I enjoy exploring new programming languages and frameworks. At work I use more mainstream tech, but at home I like testing out newer, more esoteric tech. Over the last few years I've been particularly interested in Rust and Zig as systems languages and I enjoy using Elm as a front end language.

I also enjoy writing embedded software and building embedded and IoT systems. I've worked with Arduino/Atmel/Microchip products, STM32 ARM microcontrollers, Particle boards, and others.

Other Hobbies

As of late 2015, I got into woodworking as a hobby in a big way. My wife and I bought a house and it included heated/insulated space in a detached garage for a workshop. I purchased a table saw and have slowly been building the shop around it.

I also love the outdoors and everything that goes with it: hunting, fishing, camping, hiking. I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin where the outdoors was life.